What to wear to your maternity session

You’re gonna have a baby! This is such a special season to celebrate with your spouse or partner, as well as your families and friends. That’s why a maternity photography session is so wonderful so you can share photos on social media, print them and hang around your home together, or add them to the baby book for your future son or daughter to enjoy also. Regardless what you do with the pictures, here are a few tips to consider as you start planning your outfits.

Be you, Boo

Pregnancy can be uncomfortable at time so make sure you wear something you’re comfortable in and makes you feel good! Stay away from outfits that are too tight or too loose and dresses that are too short. You’ll be distracted and uncomfortable the entire session and it’ll show in the photos. Whatever you choose, your photos will be amazing as long as you feel good!


Don’t be afraid to get fancy

This is the perfect time to get a little dressed up!

For the ladies: Long flowy dresses add movement to photographs and can make the images more interesting or a fitted dress really highlights your bump. Heels can also make your photos appear more glamorous but only if you’re comfortable walking in them. If you do wear heels, just be sure to wear flats and carry the heels, especially if your session is in a field, a beach, or cobblestone streets. If dresses really aren’t your thing, totally cool. You can wear leggings or pants and a cute top to show off that bump!

For the guys: A nice suit, a patterned button up and khakis, or a sports coat all look great. You don’t have to wear a tie (unless you really want to!) but still think on the dressier side. Nice belts, watches, or shoes can also make a statement in your photos.


Plan like a couple

Your outfits should compliment each other but that does not mean you should get all matchy matchy. If one of you is wearing a printed pattern (or a pretty floral dress!), make sure the other one is wearing solid colors so the photos aren’t too busy.

Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color! Neutrals tend to compliment brighter colors quite well.


Bring on the extras

Necklaces and watches are a great way to add interest to your images. Props to introduce your baby such as an outfit or booties can also be really fun to incorporate into your session.

Want to bring your other children or a pup? Sure! If you decide to bring little children or your furry friend, I suggest bringing someone along to take everyone else home so they don’t have to be a part of the entire photo session. Young children and dogs tend to get restless after a while, but I know how important it might be to you to get those cute pictures together!

Travel light

During the session, try not to bring anything with you that you don’t want in the photos. If possible, leave purses, jackets, and other unnecessary items in the car. Also try to keep items in your pockets to a minimum. If you have a bulky wallet or phone, it will show in your photos and be distracting.

Get ready for fun!

Once you have those outfits picked, schedule your hair/makeup appointment and get your nails done! We’re going to have so much fun!

Alex & Darya | Maternity Session | McLean, Virginia

Alex and Darya had their maternity photography session right before their baby shower in McLean, VA. When Alex pulled behind my car at the park, he spotted the University of Iowa Hawkeye (Go Hawks!) decal on my back car window and showed me his college ring. How awesome to meet another Hawkeye on the East Coast!

We found a beautiful cherry blossom tree on the trail towards the back of McLean Hamlet Park and spent the hour photographing this special time before they meet their first child. Alex and Darya didn’t know their baby’s gender at the time of this session - they kept it a surprise the entire pregnancy! Scroll to the bottom to find out what they had :D

Web-2019 Dew-03.jpg
Web-2019 Dew-08.jpg
Web-2019 Dew-11.jpg
Web-2019 Dew-05.jpg
Web-2019 Dew-24.jpg
Web-2019 Dew-28.jpg
Web-2019 Dew-25.jpg
Web-2019 Dew-19.jpg
Web-2019 Dew-30.jpg

Alex and Darya had a baby boy! I can’t wait to meet him!